Fotografia: Alfredo Cunha

Jorge Simão was born in 1969, surrounded by the heat of Luanda, where he stayed until he was five years old.

At IADE (Lisbon), in 1990, he formalized his training in Photography. After a year, he joined the Semanário Expresso team, where he worked until 2013, specializing in Reporting and Portrait Photography.

Through his lens, he traveled around the world capturing life and food stories for the “Semanário Expresso”, “Notícias Magazine”, “Evasões” and “Volta ao Mundo”, offering what words cannot achieve.

Nowadays, he gives back the knowledge built up throughout his life to the students of Restart and World Academy, where he teaches Portrait, Reporting, Food–Photography and Portfolio Building classes.

A gastronomy lover, specialist and pioneer in Food-Photography and Food-Styling in Portugal, he collaborates with Portuguese and international Chefs in events and in the organization of workshops at his Simon Says Studio space.

His curriculum counts on the collaboration, through his photography, on several books about food and wine, such as: “Os Petisco da Filipa” with Filipa Vacondeus; “100 melhores Azeites de Portugal” with Edgar Pacheco; “Na cozinha de Miguel Castro Silva” with Augusto Freitas de Sousa; “Vinho à Mesa” with Maria João de Almeida, “Sabores da Lusofonia” e “Sabores de Tomar” with Chefe Luís Simões, “Eat&Art” with Can The Can.

He collects his energy from Nature, and shares it with his eyes, providing unique moments of this connection.



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